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Blog Posts in 2017

Trick Your Kitty into Liking Dental Care

Regular dental hygiene is essential for keeping your kitty free of periodontal disease, but brushing a cat’s teeth is certainly easier said than done. Veterinarians near San Jose strongly ...
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What All Dog Owners Need to Know About Leptospirosis

Bay Area puppy parents haven’t had to worry much about leptospirosis until recently. Now that cases of this bacterial infection have been increasing, pet hospitals in San Jose have begun ...
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How Do Vets Administer General Anesthesia for Surgery?

General anesthesia prevents your pet from feeling any pain and being aware of anything that happens during surgery. Veterinary clinics in San Jose can use injected medicines or inhaled anesthetics. ...
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Could Your Cat Have Food Allergies?

A veterinarian near San Jose can discuss feline food allergies with you. Bring your cat to the veterinarian promptly if you notice any possible food allergy symptoms. These can include vomiting, ...
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Signs That Your Cat Could Be in Pain

Cats are known for hiding their feelings, so the signs that they are in pain are not always easy to spot. If you suspect your cat could be suffering, make an appointment at a pet hospital in San Jose ...
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Spotlight on Feline Allergies

Just like the humans in your family, your feline can suffer from allergies. Fortunately, if you notice allergy symptoms in your cat, your vet hospital in San Jose can offer treatments that range from ...
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Top Reasons to Invest in Your Pet's Dental Care

When most people think of the important things they have to do to care for their pets, they think about things like vaccinations, spaying and neutering, and feeding them a healthy diet. Those things ...
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Stop Your Puppy's Nipping and Chewing

Getting a new puppy is exciting, but nipping and chewing behaviors are a frustrating part of adjusting to your new pet. Your veterinarian in San Jose can be a great source of information when ...
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What's Causing Your Cat to Scratch?

A common health problem for cats is skin diseases, including allergies. Frequently, when your cat has a skin disease, you will notice that he or she is scratching more than usual—a symptom that ...
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Tips for Petting Your Cat the Right Way

When you’re petting your cat, does he or she seemingly turn on you out of nowhere, and either run away or attack? If so, you may be petting him or her the wrong way. Your veterinarian in San ...
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Is Your Dog Getting Enough Exercise?

As your veterinarian in San Jose is sure to tell you, regular exercise is an essential part of your maintaining your dog’s good health. The trick for most dog families is knowing how much ...
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Signs That Your Pet Needs Dental Care

Just like their human counterparts, pets need regular dental care to maintain the best possible health. Without regular dental cleanings, your pet could experience cavities and gum disease that could ...
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