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Blog Posts in March, 2017

Trick Your Kitty into Liking Dental Care

Regular dental hygiene is essential for keeping your kitty free of periodontal disease, but brushing a cat’s teeth is certainly easier said than done. Veterinarians near San Jose strongly ...
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What All Dog Owners Need to Know About Leptospirosis

Bay Area puppy parents haven’t had to worry much about leptospirosis until recently. Now that cases of this bacterial infection have been increasing, pet hospitals in San Jose have begun ...
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How Do Vets Administer General Anesthesia for Surgery?

General anesthesia prevents your pet from feeling any pain and being aware of anything that happens during surgery. Veterinary clinics in San Jose can use injected medicines or inhaled anesthetics. ...
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Could Your Cat Have Food Allergies?

A veterinarian near San Jose can discuss feline food allergies with you. Bring your cat to the veterinarian promptly if you notice any possible food allergy symptoms. These can include vomiting, ...
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