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Blog Posts in November, 2017

Spotlight on Common Dog Skin Allergies

Skin problems are one of the most common reasons people bring their dogs to see a veterinarian. In fact, about a quarter of visits to veterinarians are due to a skin complaint. Often, skin allergies ...
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Wet Food and Your Dog's Teeth: What You Need to Know

Regular dental cleanings and checkups are an important part of your dog’s well-being. In addition to dog teeth cleaning and vet exams, diet also has an impact on dental heath. Wet food has a ...
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Tips for Dealing with Pets Who Are Picky Eaters

Some pets seem to devote their lives to the pursuit of their next meal or treat, but other animals constantly give their food bowls the side eye. Having a pet that is a picky eater can cause a ...
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Are Cats Really Trainable?

Among cat families and veterinarians alike, cats have a reputation for being much more independent than dogs. Most people don’t think of training cats, since felines march to the beat of their ...
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Protect Your Pets from Fleas & Ticks During the Winter

Many pet owners don't give their pet flea and tick prevention in the winter because they believe fleas and ticks cannot survive the cold. This is a myth in San Jose! Fleas can survive temperatures ...
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