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Blog Posts in April, 2017

Could Your Kitty Be Allergic to Corn-Based Litter?

More than ever, pet owners are concerned about food allergies that affect their cats and dogs, leading them to ask lots of questions when at their vet hospital and to read labels before buying a new ...
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The Answers to Your Microchipping Questions

Today, many veterinarians recommend microchipping pets to make it easier to find them should they become lost. If you’re considering bringing your cat or dog to an animal hospital in San Jose ...
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Quick Tips for Better Canine Oral Health

Your veterinarian in San Jose will tell you that dental problems are among the most commonly diagnosed conditions in dogs. If you want to help keep your pet’s mouth healthy, then watch this ...
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How to Help Your Cat Cope After Surgery

To help keep your pet healthy after surgery, there are steps you can take to promote his recovery. If your cat is scheduled for surgery at your local pet hospital in San Jose, then keep reading for ...
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