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Could Your Kitty Be Allergic to Corn-Based Litter?

More than ever, pet owners are concerned about food allergies that affect their cats and dogs, leading them to ask lots of questions when at their vet hospital and to read labels before buying a new food. While it’s important to be aware of food allergies, your veterinarian in San Jose may advise you to consider what allergens your pet might be exposed to in her litter. The reason for this is that, although she doesn’t snack on her litter, your cat can still ingest some of it when she grooms herself. If your cat is allergic to corn, then ingesting even a small amount of a corn-based cat litter product may induce an allergic reaction. For this reason, if your cat is allergic to corn, then her veterinarian may recommend that you avoid litter containing this ingredient.

Cats who are allergic to their litter may exhibit symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, facial swelling, a runny nose, or itchy skin. If you prefer using cat litters that produce less dust than clay options, but your pet is allergic to corn, then your veterinarian may recommend alternative options made from cedar, wheat, pine, paper, or walnut shells. For good litter box habits, most cats prefer a clumping, unscented litter in a non-covered box, scooping at least once daily, and emptying and fully cleaning the box every 2 weeks.

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