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Quick Tips for Better Canine Oral Health

Your veterinarian in San Jose will tell you that dental problems are among the most commonly diagnosed conditions in dogs. If you want to help keep your pet’s mouth healthy, then watch this video for tips on promoting your canine’s oral health.

One of the best ways to help protect your pet’s oral and overall health is to brush his teeth every day with a toothpaste designed for dogs. When brushing, pay extra attention to his canine teeth and molars, as they tend to accumulate the most plaque. Make sure you are getting all the way back to the last teeth. You only need to focus on the outside surfaces of the teeth - the tongue does a good job on most inside surfaces. Also, you can feed your pet specially formulated foods that are designed to promote oral health in dogs. If you can’t do regular tooth brushing at home, your veterinarian can also recommend good dental treats or chews that will be a second best approach to oral hygiene. Finally, schedule regular dental cleanings with your pet’s veterinary hospital.

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