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Cat Dandruff 101

Yes, cats can get dandruff, too! If you have noticed white flakes of skin on your pet’s coat, then continue reading to discover a few of the things that your veterinarian in San Jose would want you to know about cat dandruff.


If your feline is suffering from dandruff, then you will probably be able to spot little white flakes on her fur, especially after you brush her coat. You might also see these flakes left behind in places where your pet sleeps or grooms herself. If you’re unsure whether your cat may be suffering from dandruff, then part her hair in a few areas to take a look at her skin, which may have a dry, scaly appearance if dandruff is present. Excessive scratching or grooming may also be signs of a dandruff issue for your pet.


Dehydration is a common cause of dandruff in cats. However, a number of other problems may be to blame, such as hyperthyroidism, diabetes, food or environmental allergies, poor nutrition, or parasites. If your pet is suffering from dandruff, then schedule an appointment with her veterinarian, as learning the cause can be essential for addressing this issue.


In addition to bringing your pet to your local animal clinic for an examination, there are several approaches that you can take to address your feline’s dandruff. First, consider what she is eating. Providing your pet with a higher quality food or nutritional supplements may promote healthier and more moisturized skin. Also, feeding your cat wet food or omega-3 supplements may help her skin stay better hydrated, so speak with your veterinarian for recommendations on what foods or supplements may benefit your cat’s skin. Also, if your home’s indoor air is quite dry, then consider adding moisture to it using a humidifier, as higher humidity may help address skin dryness. Finally, brush your cat regularly to help promote the health of her skin and coat.

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