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Could Your Cat Have Tooth Decay?

Dental disease is a common condition that veterinarians see in cats, and it’s one that is frequently missed by pet owners. However, this issue is not one that should be overlooked, as tooth decay and gingivitis can lead to tooth loss, bone loss, and other health problems. If you’re wondering if your feline may be due for a visit to her veterinary hospital in San Jose for a dental cleaning, then continue reading to learn what signs can indicate that your cat may have tooth decay.

Many pet owners assume that bad breath is normal for cats, but stinky breath can be a warning sign of tooth decay. Also, if your cat seems sensitive to hard foods, for example, because she drops dry kibble out of her mouth when trying to eat, then this can also mean that her teeth are in need of treatment. Some of the other symptoms of tooth decay in felines are drooling, reduced appetite, and weight loss. Finally, if your cat no longer grooms herself as well as she used to, then consider scheduling her for a checkup and dental cleaning at your local animal hospital.

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