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Preparing Your Anxious Pup for Holiday Guests

Does your dog get nervous when you have visitors in your home? If so, then you’re not the only one with this problem, as veterinarians in San Jose commonly hear about this issue from pet owners. Luckily, there are some steps you can take to address this, so read on for advice on preparing your anxious pet for holiday guests.

Reward Positive Behaviors

When it comes to helping nervous pups cope with strangers in the house, many pet owners make the mistake of cuddling and petting their anxious pet. As with any other behavior that you don’t want your pet to repeat, you should not reward your dog when she barks or snaps at visitors. Instead, reward your dog whenever she exhibits the behaviors that you want to see. For example, when your dog sits or lays down calmly in the same room as a guest, you can reinforce this behavior by providing her with verbal praise or a treat.

Give Her Space

While socializing your pet is the ideal way to prepare her for holiday guests, you may not have time to tackle this challenge before your visitors arrive. Instead, you can help ensure that your nervous pup won’t feel too overwhelmed by the arrival of holiday visitors by providing her with a quiet space where she can get away from over-crowded rooms, noisy festivities, or grabby toddlers.

Keep Your Routine

In general, the holiday season can cause people to make changes in their typical routine, but this should be avoided if you have an anxious dog and especially if you’re expecting guests. Canines love consistency, and yours will probably feel more at ease with other changes in her environment and activities if, for example, you continue to walk and feed her at the same times each day. For these reasons, to get your pet ready for the arrival of holiday guests, develop a plan to help ensure that your dog’s routine stays as consistent as possible.

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