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Signs That Your Cat Could Be in Pain

Cats are known for hiding their feelings, so the signs that they are in pain are not always easy to spot. If you suspect your cat could be suffering, make an appointment at a pet hospital in San Jose so he or she can be evaluated. Here are some signs you can look for.

Changes in your cat’s behavior are the best way to know that something is wrong. Look for changes in eating and grooming habits, how often your cat uses the litterbox, and changes in energy levels (such as sleeping more, or lying around more, not doing its usual routine). You may notice that your cat is breathing faster than normal or limping when he or she walks. Cats who are in pain can become aggressive, so if your normally docile cat begins scratching and biting, he or she could be suffering. Pay attention to the contours of your cat’s body. Swelling is an indicator of injury or inflammation that could require treatment by the veterinarian.

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