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Top Reasons to Invest in Your Pet's Dental Care

When most people think of the important things they have to do to care for their pets, they think about things like vaccinations, spaying and neutering, and feeding them a healthy diet. Those things are certainly vital, but there is one more step that is easily overlooked: dental care. Pet dental care is an essential part of keeping your animal as healthy as possible. Your veterinarian in San Jose can help you establish a routine for caring for your pet’s teeth that includes brushing at home and regular teeth cleanings at the pet clinic. Here are some of the reasons why dental care matters so much for your animal. pet - dental - health

Better Overall Health

Oral health problems are extremely common in animals. In fact, it is estimated that four out of five dogs over 3 years old have periodontal disease. When your pet has periodontal disease, it is not just his or her gums and teeth that are infected. The bacteria associated with periodontal disease can enter the bloodstream and cause a host of systemic health problems, including heart disease. A healthier mouth means better overall health for your pet, and fewer visits to the veterinarian.

Less Pain

Tooth decay and periodontal disease can cause pain for your pet just as they do in humans. Your pet can’t tell you when something is wrong, however, and the pain may become severe before you even know there is a problem. You can improve your pet’s quality of life and prevent significant pain from developing by scheduling regular pet dental exams at the animal clinic.

Lower Risk of Tooth Loss

When left untreated, periodontal disease and tooth decay can lead to tooth loss for your pet. Not only does this make your pet uncomfortable, but it can also interfere with his or her ability to chew food, which in turn can lead to malnutrition. By maintaining a dental care routine, you can keep your pet’s mouth healthy and reduce the chances that he or she will lose teeth.

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