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Blog Posts in January, 2017

What's Causing Your Cat to Scratch?

A common health problem for cats is skin diseases, including allergies. Frequently, when your cat has a skin disease, you will notice that he or she is scratching more than usual—a symptom that ...
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Tips for Petting Your Cat the Right Way

When you’re petting your cat, does he or she seemingly turn on you out of nowhere, and either run away or attack? If so, you may be petting him or her the wrong way. Your veterinarian in San ...
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Is Your Dog Getting Enough Exercise?

As your veterinarian in San Jose is sure to tell you, regular exercise is an essential part of your maintaining your dog’s good health. The trick for most dog families is knowing how much ...
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Signs That Your Pet Needs Dental Care

Just like their human counterparts, pets need regular dental care to maintain the best possible health. Without regular dental cleanings, your pet could experience cavities and gum disease that could ...
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