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Is Your Dog Getting Enough Exercise?

As your veterinarian in San Jose is sure to tell you, regular exercise is an essential part of your maintaining your dog’s good health. The trick for most dog families is knowing how much exercise is enough for their pup, and how much could be too much. Your veterinarian is a great source of advice when you’re making decisions about exercise for your pooch, so be sure to ask at your next appointment.

There is no set amount of exercise that works for every dog. If your dog is at a healthy weight and appears tired but comfortable after you usual exercise sessions, you are probably close to the right amount for your pet. If your dog seems to have too much energy around the house and displays destructive behaviors, he or she probably needs more of a workout. If your dog takes a long time to recover from exercising and exhibits sluggishness, limping, or reluctance to take part in his or her usual activities, you may be overdoing it. Run any new exercise program by your veterinarian to ensure your pup is healthy enough to take part.

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