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Signs That Your Pet Needs Dental Care

Just like their human counterparts, pets need regular dental care to maintain the best possible health. Without regular dental cleanings, your pet could experience cavities and gum disease that could lead to chronic pain, tooth loss, and a host of systemic health problems. If you haven’t been to the pet clinic in San Jose recently for your animal’s dental cleaning, then here are some signs that he or she may be overdue for care. dog - dental - health

Bad Breath

Despite what many people believe, there is nothing normal about a pet with bad breath. Although your animal’s breath might have an odor that isn’t like human breath, it shouldn’t be unpleasant. If you notice that your pet’s breath has a strong odor, similar to rotten eggs, it is time to make a call to the vet for a dental cleaning. This kind of bad breath often indicates some kind of oral health problem, like tooth decay or gum disease. Even if your pet’s breath is only slightly off, make getting a dental cleaning a priority. Any foul odor, however faint, is an indicator of bacteria that can lead to dental diseases.

Problems with Eating

When your pet has dental health problems, eating may become painful. Inflammation, cavities, and gum disease can make it difficult to chew, which leads to a change in eating habits, such as taking longer to finish a meal, chewing only on one side, or dropping food. If your pet’s eating habits suddenly change, call your veterinarian, who will perform an exam and determine the cause. If your pet’s oral health is to blame, a simple dental cleaning could be all that is needed to help your animal get back on his or her regular eating schedule.

Loose Teeth

Many pet parents assume that is normal for their animals to lose teeth as they age, but in reality, loose or broken teeth are always a cause for concern. When your pet’s teeth are loose or fall out, a serious dental infection is likely to blame. This kind of infection can spread throughout your pet’s system, so make an appointment for a vet checkup to determine the cause.

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