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Tips for Petting Your Cat the Right Way

When you’re petting your cat, does he or she seemingly turn on you out of nowhere, and either run away or attack? If so, you may be petting him or her the wrong way. Your veterinarian in San Jose can help you understand the proper way of petting a cat. This video also explains more.

When your cat attacks when you’re petting him or her, chances are that he or she is getting over-stimulated. Not all cats like to pet in the same way. For instance, some cats may enjoy getting petted along their entire body, while others only like chin scratches. Ask your veterinarian to explain some visual cues you can look for that indicate your cat is happy—or unhappy—with the way you’re petting. Things like wagging tails and twitching can tell you to back off on the petting, before your cat turns on you or runs away instead.

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