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Could Your Cat Have Food Allergies?

A veterinarian near San Jose can discuss feline food allergies with you. Bring your cat to the veterinarian promptly if you notice any possible food allergy symptoms. These can include vomiting, diarrhea, and scratching, primarily around the head and neck area or the belly. Persistent scratching may lead to fur loss, poor appearance of the coat, and skin lesions. These allergy symptoms may take months to develop, but the gastrointestinal problems can occur much more quickly.

There are blood and saliva tests for food allergies, but they are generally regarded as inaccurate. The best way to diagnose a food allergy is with a very strict elimination trial with a hypoallergenic or limited ingredient novel protein diet. Because of risks of other ingredient contamination, you should always use a prescription diet recommended by your veterinarian. The only treatment for food allergies is to eliminate the allergen from your cat’s diet. Watch this video to hear a veterinarian explain hypoallergenic diets for kitties. Some of the most common allergy triggers for cats are corn, soy, gluten, dairy, seafood, chicken, beef, and lamb.

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