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How Do Vets Administer General Anesthesia for Surgery?

General anesthesia prevents your pet from feeling any pain and being aware of anything that happens during surgery. Veterinary clinics in San Jose can use injected medicines or inhaled anesthetics. Usually, the veterinarian may inject a sedative and then administer an inhaled anesthetic. This is because animals that are overly anxious and energetic can require more anesthetic, which increases the risk of complications. The approach that veterinarians use depends on the animal. anesthesia  - pet

All patients receiving general anesthesia (gas) at Lincoln Avenue Veterinary Clinic will first have an IV catheter placed. This will allow for direct IV access if emergency drugs are needed, and will give IV fluids during the procedure to support blood pressure and organ function during the anesthetic. When a pet is ready to receive an inhaled medicine, it gets an injection of anesthetic and then has an endotracheal (ET) tube placed. This will allow for control of the airway and the gas is administered in 100% oxygen directly to the lungs through this tube. Just like people, pets undergoing surgery are connected to medical monitors to ensure safety. Veterinarians at LAVC monitor respiration, heart rate, core body temperature, blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, and electrocardiograph (ECG) tracings. We use local anesthetic blocks where appropriate for longer pain control and to reduce the need for inhaled gas anesthesia.

When the procedure is done, we turn of the gas anesthetic and the patient remains on oxygen until it is awake enough to swallow and control its own airway, and then the tube is removed. Anesthetic recovery is also monitored so that we can ensure a smooth waking up. In some cases, additional medications are given to encourage a faster or slower recovery.

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