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Trick Your Kitty into Liking Dental Care

Regular dental hygiene is essential for keeping your kitty free of periodontal disease, but brushing a cat’s teeth is certainly easier said than done. Veterinarians near San Jose strongly recommend introducing oral care at a young age, as adult cats are more likely to resist starting a new dental cleaning routine. Bring your furry friend to the pet hospital so you can see how the professionals do it – or watch one of many videos on YouTube. And remember to schedule periodic dental exams in addition to the care you provide at home. cat - teeth

Use the right oral care tools.

Cleaning your kitty’s teeth will be more difficult—and possibly dangerous—without the right tools. Never use your own toothpaste for your kitty, as it can be toxic. Your local Veterinary office will have toothpaste made specifically for felines. There should be several flavors available so you can choose one that your kitty will like best. Fish or poultry flavors are usually popular. Similarly, select a cat-sized toothbrush. Some people find finger brushes easier to use. These slip right on over your index finger. You’ll also need treats, like tuna packed in water.

Capture your cat.

Get your cat on your lap and spend some time petting, scratching itchy cheeks, and praising him or her. You’ll want your kitty as relaxed as possible, but you probably won’t be able to brush the teeth on your first try. Initially, focus on getting your cat accustomed to the smell of the toothpaste and the feel of the brush.

Tempt your cat with tuna.

Dip a finger in the can of tuna and rub it around your cat’s gums. Put a small amount of feline toothpaste on the brush, dip it in the tuna water, and let your cat investigate it. Hopefully, your furry companion will like the taste. If not, try again later with a different flavor of toothpaste. You may need to repeat these steps a few times until your cat seems comfortable with toothpaste.

Start brushing your cat’s teeth.

Even after your cat acquires a taste for toothpaste, he or she might not appreciate having it rubbed around the teeth. Start slowly by gently applying it to one of the front teeth. Rub the paste gently, and reward your cat with plenty of praise and treats. Eventually, you should be able to thoroughly brush all of your cat’s teeth and gently massage the gums to support a lifetime of good oral health.

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