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Blog Posts in May, 2017

Steps to Take When a Stray Cat Adopts Your Family

As your veterinarian in San Jose will tell you, many cats do not benefit of having a loving home. If one of these felines has adopted your family, then keep reading to learn what steps you should take ...
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Treatment Options for Felines with Flea Allergies

Having fleas can make cats very uncomfortable, but some felines can actually be allergic to the fleas, which worsens their condition. If you’ve discovered that your cat’s allergy symptoms ...
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Foods to Choose for Your Senior Dog

Veterinarians in San Jose get plenty of questions from dog owners who want to choose the best foods for their aging pet. If you’re wondering what changes you can make to your dog’s diet to ...
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Keep Your Dog's Teeth Fracture-Free

Did you know that dental disease is one of the most common health issues diagnosed in pets? While bringing your dog to their veterinarian in San Jose for regular checkups helps protect their overall ...
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