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Steps to Take When a Stray Cat Adopts Your Family

As your veterinarian in San Jose will tell you, many cats do not benefit of having a loving home. If one of these felines has adopted your family, then keep reading to learn what steps you should take next. stray - cat

Isolate Her from Other Pets

After bringing the cat into your home, keep her separated from any other pets in your household, as she may have a contagious disease. It’s important to protect your other pets until you bring the stray to a veterinary hospital to get the care that she needs. While at the pet clinic, the cat should be evaluated by a veterinarian, tested for contagious diseases, and vaccinated. Additionally, keeping your newest member of the family isolated for a period of time will give her time to adjust to her environment.

Use Food to Win Her Trust

To make it easier to keep the stray cat isolated, consider reserving a room just for her. In this space, she can feel protected from other animals, enjoy a quiet area to rest, and grow accustomed to her new home and family. However, do not isolate her from you. It’s important to gain your new pet’s trust, and one of the best ways to do this is through food. You can help win your new pet’s affection by feeding her at the same times each day and staying with her while she eats. However, avoid petting or interfering with the stray when she is eating, at least in the beginning.

Be Patient While She Acclimates

Even though your new cat adopted your family, there is a good chance that you will need to practice patience as she adjusts to her new lifestyle. During this time, do not force physical contact. Instead, wait for her to come to you. Once your pet becomes used to the presence of your family members and gets a clean bill of health, she may be ready to see the rest of your home and meet your other pets.

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