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Treatment Options for Felines with Flea Allergies

Having fleas can make cats very uncomfortable, but some felines can actually be allergic to the fleas, which worsens their condition. If you’ve discovered that your cat’s allergy symptoms are related to fleas, then watch this video to learn what treatments your veterinarian serving San Jose may suggest.

When it comes to treating a cat with a flea allergy, the first thing to do is eliminate the fleas. The first step is treating the pet with an effective flea killing medication recommended by your veterinarian. Flea allergic cats should have year-round flea prevention applied every month to prevent flare ups. All other pets in the house should also be on good, effective flea prevention. However, even after the fleas are gone, your cat may continue to scratch, as the scabs left behind can cause itchiness. In this case, his veterinarian may prescribe soothing creams, antibiotics, or anti-inflammatories. Finally, consider looking at your feline’s diet to determine if some of his allergy symptoms may be caused by what he is eating.

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