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Protect Your Pets from Fleas & Ticks During the Winter

Many pet owners don't give their pet flea and tick prevention in the winter because they believe fleas and ticks cannot survive the cold. This is a myth in San Jose! Fleas can survive temperatures as low as 33 degrees. Studies show that ticks are more active during late summer to early fall during cooler temperatures. Ticks can be active in temperatures as low as 32 degrees. Here in the Bay Area, the average temperatures in the winter range from mid 60s to lower 40s, which is plenty warm for these pests to survive. dog in snow

To ensure our patients are protected, we at Lincoln Avenue Veterinary Clinic strongly recommend year-round flea prevention for all dogs and cats with outdoor access, and tick control for dogs with frequent potential exposure (camping, hiking, creek trails and tall grasses). Fleas and ticks are more than annoying pests. Fleas are the most common cause of skin itch and infection in dogs. They are also carriers of many diseases and can cause serious health issues for your pet, such as tapeworms and blood parasites (fleas), Lyme disease and other severe infections (ticks). By keeping your pet on year-round prevention, you are protecting them not only from irritating skin problems, but also potential life-threatening diseases these pests can transmit.

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