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Tips for Dealing with Pets Who Are Picky Eaters

Some pets seem to devote their lives to the pursuit of their next meal or treat, but other animals constantly give their food bowls the side eye. Having a pet that is a picky eater can cause a significant amount of anxiety for pet families, who grow frustrated by trying to get a reluctant animal to chow down as well as anxious that their beloved pets aren’t getting the nutrients they need. If you’re living with a picky pet, involve your veterinarian in San Jose in your efforts to change your animal’s habits, so you can be sure there isn’t an underlying physical problem that is impacting your pet’s appetite. If your veterinarian gives you the all-clear that your pet doesn’t have any health issues, then try these trips to coax your pet to eat.

Slow Down on the Treats

If your pet always seems to have room for treats but little else, it may be time to cut back. If you overfeed your pet treats, he or she may already be too full to eat meals, or he or she may simply try to train you to replace food with extra goodies. Treats are the equivalent of giving your pet candy, so don’t let them become a dominant part of your pet’s diet. Your veterinarian may recommend that you cut back drastically or get rid of treats entirely to get your pet to eat more nutritious meals.

Cut Out Table Scraps

Like treats, table scraps can fill your pet up and discourage him or her from eating pet food. If you make a habit of giving your pet a little of whatever is on your plate, he or she may plan to on skipping pet food in favor of seeing what you’re going to offer instead. Many people foods aren’t safe for pets, so keep your meals to yourself and let your pet do the same.

Consider Your Pet’s Mental State

Pets who used to be good eaters who suddenly start skipping meals may be stressed out. If you just had a major life event happen, such as a move, an addition of a new baby, or an addition of a new pet, give your animal some time to adjust. Your pet will likely start eating again soon enough.

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