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Exploring the Common Causes of Dry Skin in Dogs

Dry skin can be uncomfortable for your dogs, which is why you need to pay attention to the benefits of dog dermatology in San Jose as a pet owner. In order to prevent dry skin from occurring and alleviate your furry friend’s symptoms, you should know why they happen in the first place. Don’t forget to visit the veterinarian on a regular basis to get ahead of any potential problems, and learn as much as you can about why dogs experience dry skin. Continue reading to explore the common causes of dry skin in dogs.

Allergies and Parasites

Animals and humans can both suffer from allergies, but the actual experiences are quite different. While humans get runny or sniffly noses, sneezing fits, and rashes, dogs have different allergy symptoms. Allergy symptoms in canines usually manifest as a skin problem, and dry skin is one of the more common offenders. Dogs may be allergic to certain foods, pollen, grass, or feathers, and if their symptoms aren’t treated, they could develop atopic dermatitis and the dry skin that comes with it. Lice, canine scabies, and other parasites can also cause dry skin when they attach themselves to your dog.

Disorders and Infections

When your dog’s dry skin isn’t due to allergy symptoms, it could be a sign of something more severe. Cushing’s disease and hypothyroidism are metabolic diseases that might show up as dry skin. You might also notice hair loss and skin infections in your dog, so be sure to see your veterinarian if you recognize these signs. Both fungal and bacterial infections can also contribute to skin problems for your dog, and some of these infections can even be transferred to people.

Breed Characteristics

Certain kinds of dogs are more susceptible to skin conditions than others, so do some research on your breed. Hairless and particularly hairy breeds can both develop dry skin and other skin conditions, and you should know if your dog is at an increased risk for symptoms. Talk to your veterinarian about dry skin next time you go in for an appointment.

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