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Pet Boarding in San Jose


Dog and Cat Boarding

We offer the luxury of leaving your beloved little friends with someone that you know and trust. The doctors and staff offer affordable rates and personalized, loving care. Trained veterinary assistants look over your furry friends at least hourly during office hours, and come in on the days we are closed (weekends and holidays) to care for them.

All animals are fed Royal Canin Gastrointestinal diet, both wet and dry, unless you bring your animal’s own food from home. Meals are fed in the a.m. and the p.m. so that your little friend will not get too hungry. Dogs and cats are kept warm and comfy with blankets and towels for beds (unless, of course, your dog likes to eat them).

Dog Boarding:

Dog boarding

Dogs get the royal treatment here at the resort. They can be taken into our backyard to sniff, exercise and do their “thing” multiple times a day. They are also given lots of hugs and pats. They can see each other in the large runs and there are usually a lot of doggie conversations going on in there.

Dogs are housed in roomy, indoor, air-conditioned cages with a skylight at night. During the day they are in runs about 8’ by 3’. The dogs can even have a friend sleep over in the same run (this can make being away from home a little easier if your dogs get along well). Board 2 dogs, that stay together in the same kennel and receive a 20% discount.

You are welcome to bring your dog’s own food and snacks if you wish. They will be fed as directed by you. If they have any special toys or blankets, you are welcome to bring these also. We will try to be accommodating, but sometimes blankets will get dirty or a favorite toy will be too small and be unable to be given to the dog because it may get lost down the drain behind the runs.

Cat Boarding:

For your kitty friends, we offer a litter box that is changed as soon as possible after every use. As with the dogs, you are welcome to bring special food and toys. Kitties are moved from cage to cage during their stay, offering them a different view from time to time. Our hospital cat, Juliet, keeps a close eye on her kitty guests. If you need to board 2 cats, there are discounts available. Please call for details.

All animals staying in the resort must be in good health and up to date on required vaccines.

If there is a health issue, we may require a physical examination by one of our veterinarians. Dogs must be current on all vaccines, including Bordatella. Cats must be current on vaccines also. This is for the protection of your friends and for the protection of the hospitalized patients. Guests of our resorts needing special attention such as medication or other treatments will be charged a per day fee of $5 - $25 depending on frequency and how much time is needed to treat your pet.

You are welcome to call and check on your pet at any time. Some of our little friends even get postcards from their owners. You or a friend can stop by for visits at any time also. Calling before a visit can be helpful, as we may be in the middle of an emergency with a hospitalized patient and may not be able to have you come back to the boarding area at that particular time. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

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