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Digital Radiology For Your Pet in San Jose


We now offer digital radiology

Lincoln Ave Veterinary Clinic offers digital radiology. This high tech tool means that your pets will be able to benefit from all the advantages digital radiology has to offer.

These benefits include the ability to manipulate the image in ways that can make diagnosis of your pet’s problem(s) easier. We can alter the brightness, contrast, reverse phase the image (show a “negative” image), zoom in or out, which can allow us to find things we would not have otherwise.

This also means we don’t have many “repeat” exposures, if the settings on the x-ray machine weren’t quite right, or the film processor has a problem.

We can compensate for these things now using the technology. We can more easily have your pet’s x-rays reviewed by a board certified radiologist if we have any questions about what might be going on with your pet.

You can get a copy of the image on CD so that you can look at it at home, show your family, or bring the images to a specialist, if that is needed.

Overall, we are very excited and pleased to be able to have this available for your valued, loved, furry family members, and hope you will as well.

For details regarding our digital radiology service, contact us at (408) 293-3448.

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