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Microchip Implants In San Jose Pets

Microchip identification has been around for many decades, but has been used for pet dogs and cats for about 3 decades. Unfortunately, there are several different standards when it comes to the manufacture and reading of these chips. Find out more.

Despite this issue, microchips still provide reliable, safe identification for your pet. Lincoln Avenue Veterinary Clinic currently uses Home Again microchips, which are considered the industry leader and are compliant with the export needs of foreigh countries . Find out more.

Microchips are about the size of a grain of rice, and are injected under the skin over the shoulder blade area. They can be injected without anesthesia. They provide permanent ID, as there is no power supply in the chip. The reader provides the power via radio waves to power up the chip, which then sends out a faint radio signal that is able to be picked up by readers, which then display the unique alphanumeric/numeric code of that chip.

Registering that unique ID at various registration sites will allow the finders of your pet to reconnect you with your pet.

Cost is very reasonable, running about $51 at this time and includes the cost of registration.

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