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Treatment for Environmental Pet Allergens in San Jose, CA

The Bay Area in Northern California is home to a wide range of wild plants and animals. For those with outdoor pets, this set diverse wildlife species poses an extra risk due to the prevalence of environmental pet allergens within its ranks. Plants such as foxtail, a grass-like weed commonly found in the Western U.S., can cause serious health problems for both dogs and cats. Other trees, grasses, weed pollens, and mold spores can also cause allergic reactions in many pet breeds. To ensure that your pet is safe from environmental pet allergens, our veterinarians at Lincoln Avenue Veterinary Clinic recommend that you schedule an examination to learn more about potential allergen risks and start your pet on allergy medication, if necessary. Below, we've compiled a short guide to environmental pet allergens Northern California.

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Foxtails and Other Outdoor Pet Allergens

Perhaps the most prevalent environmental pet allergen in San Jose, CA is the foxtail plant. Foxtail plants are not a singular plant species, but rather a set of several grass-like weed species characterized by poky seed clusters (or "tails") at their tips. Foxtail plants' barbed seed heads can work their way into your dog or cat burrowing in their fur, skin, or in the openings of nose, ears, and eyes. Typically, foxtail seed causes mild to moderate irritation for pets — but in some cases, the seeds can enter the body and lead to serious, life-threatening infections.

Other outdoor pet allergens in Northern California include seasonal pollens, mold spores, and fleas — each of which can be controlled with proper medication, discussed below.

Treating Outdoor Pet Allergens

If your pet suffers from allergies caused by outdoor pet allergies, there are several medications that our veterinarians can prescribe to help combat symptoms and boost immunity. The drug CYTOPOINT, injected via a simple shot in our office, has been shown to reduce signs and symptoms of skin irritation caused by most pet allergens for 4-8 weeks. Repeat injections are available. Our office also offers synthetic antibody injections to help your pet's body build immunity toward outdoor pet allergens.

Protect Your Pet From Outdoor Allergies at Lincoln Avenue Veterinary Clinic

As a pet owner, you want your pets to be as happy and healthy as possible. If you believe your pet is suffering from outdoor allergies, it's important to have him or her examined as soon as possible. Here at Lincoln Avenue Veterinary Clinic, our veterinarians provide comprehensive diagnostics and treatments for pets suffering from environmental allergens in the greater San Jose, CA. We help your pets find the relief they need so they can go back to having fun outside.

To learn more about environmental pet allergens and our treatments and diagnostic services at Lincoln Avenue Veterinary Clinic, contact our San Jose, CA office at (408) 293-3448 to schedule an appointment for your pet today!

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