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Pet Allergies Treatment and Prevention in San Jose

Pet Allergies

Allergies are immune reactions that occur when the body encounters a substance that it identifies as harmful. Reactions to these substances can range from mild to severe, but there are several ways you and your veterinarian can reduce the discomfort of allergies and their effects on your pet’s daily life and overall wellbeing. At the Lincoln Avenue Veterinary Clinic, we offer pet dermatology and pet allergy treatment in San Jose to ensure your pet enjoys a happy, healthy, and allergy-free lifestyle.

Common Pet Allergy Triggers

Just like their human owners, pets may be susceptible to one or more allergy triggers. These triggers may be natural or manufactured substances, and may be present in your home all of the time or only during certain times of year. The identification of your pet’s allergy triggers is the first step in developing a successful long-term pet allergy treatment plan.

  • Hay fever, or atopy, is a common type of pet allergy that is often triggered by seasonal changes, such as the pollens released by trees, grasses, weeds, and other plants.
  • Mold spores, cockroach droppings and carcasses, flea bites, and dust mites are common household allergy triggers that may be seasonal or present all year long.
  • Some pets develop allergic reactions to chemicals such as household cleaning products, perfumes, lotions, and shampoos, even if these chemicals are safe for humans and pets.
  • Medications, cigarette smoke, certain fabrics, and rubber or plastic materials may also trigger allergies of varying degrees in both cats and dogs.
  • Some pets are affected by food allergies, such as the presence of pork, beef, chicken, fish, grains, soy, corn, or other ingredients commonly found in pet foods.

Pet Allergy Treatment: Prevention

Depending on the type of allergies that affect your pet, your veterinarian may suggest one or more options for pet allergy treatment. In many cases, a multifaceted approach that includes medication, diet, and lifestyle changes is the best solution to improve your pet’s long-term health and comfort. If you have questions or concerns about pet health or pet care in San Jose, please call us today.

  • If your pet has a food allergy, once the substances are identified, switching to a pet food that is free from the substances that causes your pet’s reaction is the easiest and best way to treat this condition.
  • Flea control products and thorough home cleaning will eliminate the source of a flea problem if your pet suffers from a flea bite allergy.
  • Pets that suffer from seasonal hay fever and mold allergies can benefit from the use of your air conditioner or a home air filtration system to reduce the amount of allergens present in the air of your home. There are also many different medications and desensitization therapy to control this form of allergy.

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