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Pet Wellness Exam

We firmly believe in Wellness Exams done on a yearly basis when the pets are young and healthy, and if they have ongoing medical problems and/or are older, maybe every six months. One year of a pet’s life averages around 5-7 human years, which means there can be a lot of changes in that year.

Wellness Exams can pick up problems when they are small and minor. Nothing may need to be done at the time, but then we know when we became aware of it, and can then continue to monitor it. The problem may need to be worked up by doing some basic tests, such as blood work, urinalysis, and/or x-rays. Many problems will not cause any noticeable changes when they first start. We have found substantially sized tumors on routine physical exams!

Wellness Exams are usually done when vaccines are due to be renewed. Wellness Exams also allow the renewal of drugs that are required long term- the Veterinary Medical Board has ruled that in order to prescribe drugs, a current doctor/client-patient relationship must exist. “Current” is defined as no longer than one year, and most of the times less than that.

Wellness Exams are good medicine to keep your pet as healthy as possible!

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