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Tick Control

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Summertime is the time most people think about tick control, especially if they take their dog on hikes, campaign, or go hunting with their dog. But cats can also be exposed, depending on where you live. I have also seen ticks after going up to the Santa Cruz Mountains with the dog to cut down a Christmas tree! Ticks can transmit potentially serious diseases such as Lyme, Erhlichiosis, Babesiosis, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and cause Tick Paralysis.‚Äč

Like flea control, there are many good products out there now that are safe and effective. Which one is best for you will depend on many factors such as how often your pet may be exposed, whether there is water/swimming involved, bathing, cost, whether it is for a dog or a cat, and personal preference for the various types of application. For example, there are collars, topical liquids, and sprays. Some products are supposed to be waterproof. Collars are very convenient and tend to last longer than topicals. Topicals can vary as to whether they can be used on dogs only, or are ok for both dogs and cats.

A very good comparison chart is available here.

More information about ticks is available here.

You will read that ticks like to attach close to the head- this is because they are attracted to carbon dioxide, which is in every breath your dog or cat breaths out. The ticks sense/smell CO2, and jump toward it. Researchers use dry ice (frozen CO2) is placed in the middle of a plastic sheet placed out in a field, and ticks will jump toward it, landing on the plastic sheet, allowing the researchers to just pick up the edges and lift, collecting the ticks in the middle of the sheet.

If you have any questions about any of this information, be sure to call one of our doctors!

Tick Control available at our clinic include:

Dog protection: Nexgard, Seresto collar, and Parastar (generic frontline)

Cat protection: Seresto collar

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