pet imaging in san jose

Digital X-Ray

Lincoln Ave Veterinary Clinic uses digital radiology (x-ray). With a digital system, we can take and develop images within seconds. We can change the brightness and contrast, zoom in or out, and take measurements. We can usually get the information we want in just a couple shots, which reduces your pet’s radiation exposure.

All of our x-rays are reviewed by a board-certified veterinary radiologist within 2 weeks, so we can give you the most professional interpretation. Priority radiologist consultations are available for an additional fee. We are always happy to share images by email or CD to clients and specialists if needed.

Dental Radiology

Digital dental x-rays are included in all of our dental treatments. Dental x-rays let us evaluate disease under the gumline such as bone loss, tooth root infections, pulp cavity abnormalities and cysts in the jaw bone. X-rays also help us extract teeth safely and completely. We can print dental x-rays for you to see why your pet needed extractions.


We recently installed an ultrasound machine in the clinic! Ultrasound is a very valuable diagnostic tool. We can evaluate organ shape, texture and size in more detail than with x-rays alone. We can look for abnormal structures such as tumors, gastrointestinal obstructions and free fluid. In animals with urinary trouble, ultrasound can detect stones/tumors and helps us collect urine more safely.

In addition to performing scans on our clinic machine, we work closely with local traveling radiology and cardiology services to provide specialized ultrasounds for patients who need more advanced diagnostics.